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Google Home Reached to 50 Million Downloads & MX Player Hits 100 Million

Google Play Family app Google Home reached to the 50 Million Downloads in the PlayStore. MX player also scored 100 Million Downloads Today. Both apps are in the spotlight today.

Do find the full details below of this update.

The Google Home App will let you control all your smart devices which are connected to Google Home Device. You can easily operate or control any Google Home connected device by installing Google Home App on your phone.

You can BUY Google Home Device From here at low price.

Google Home

Google Home Play Store Link to download the app

Google Home Play Store

The other app MX player also hit the 100 million downloads. MX player is the most popular and very reliable video player app which will give you the best experience of watching videos on your phone.

MX Player Play Store LInk to Download the App

MX Player Play Store

Temporarily App Sale: Top 9 Apps on Sale, Download Now! Only For Android Users

You Won't get all below Apps in free again, Be quick and download all of them right now.

The Android Temporary App sale is here, find the full list of Top paid apps which are available to download in Free for a limited period.

Here are 9 Temporarily free app list, which include 7 on sale apps and top games of the week.

Free Apps and Games:

Phil TTS voice -Original Price $1.49 -> Free; 4 days leftBlue Light Filter Pro Version -Original Price  $2.49 -> Free; 6 days leftMotivate Me! Encourage Me! -Original Price  $0.99 -> Free; 6 days leftGames:
Boxes Drop - Tower block -Original Price  $0.99 -> Free for ; last 3 hoursRogue Saga -Original Price  $1.99 -> Free; Only 2 days leftBrumpfus Hopeless Chase -Original Price  $0.99 -> Free; Only 6 days leftBlock Tank Wars 2 Premium - Original Price $3.99 -> Free; Only 7 days leftIcon packs : Special List

We are including the icon packs for the first time in the app sale list.
Minimo Kwgt - Original Price $0.99 -> Fre…

Google Maps v9.52 Beta Update with Bug Fixes and More [Quick Post]

Google's Maps app got one more update with minor bug fixes and performance enhancements. It's a beta update so you must be a part of the beta testing team to get this update or I have also shared the latest update of Stable version to download for all non beta users.

Let's Talk about the change-logs.

Official change log saying that the app only has the bug fixes and performance improvements.

But as it's a beta update so, it surely has some more changes in inside. We are researching for that to explore the actual change-log of this update. We will update the post with the updated change-log.

You can Download this update right now from below link

Google Maps v9.52 APk